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Label | HEVHETIA // 

Management and booking |


//  Origin:   Warsaw, PL
//  Genres: Jazz
//  Years Active:  2012- Present
//  Label:  HEVHETIA
//  Website:
Short Bio//

Aga Derlak Trio received FRYDERYK 2016 - the most important in Poland Music award - the phonography award of Polish Society of Audio and Video Producers. The band consists of the bass player: Michał Kapczuk and the drummer: Szymon Madej. They reflect expression, freedom, contradictions, and a serach for a bigger meaning and purpose of music. In 2015 Aga Derlak Trio released their debut album „First Thought” in  Slovakian record company „Hevhetia”. In 2017 the band releases their newest album "Healing".

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