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„Derlak’s expansive soloing (...), adrenaline-

charged compositions, (...) cohesive, exhibiting a fiery chemistry music and a sence of drama – will

take the trio far”

- Ian Patterson (All about jazz)

Aga Derlak Trio is a laureate of the Award of the Polish Phonography Academy - FRYDERYK 2016 for the best Jazz Debut of the Year.


The music of Aga Derlak represents most of all unrestrained expression and unstoppable freedom, which direct her on unexplored,  winding paths throught the history of her life, inspirations derived from jazz, european music, latin-american folklore, classical music; Inspirations - that sometimes wonderfully contradict and sometimes complement each other. And this dance in the midst of what is correct and incorrect, what is spoken loudly and delivered between the lines, of what is literal and figurative is  what Aga invites the listener to. Her music reflects the courage, novelty, and an absolute honesty in her search of the bigger meaning and purpose of music in the world that needs so much the breath and truth.

„Aga Derlak Trio is a strong wave of vital energy. They are a very important voice of young Polish jazz society”

- Michał Tokaj

Aga Derlak is a pianist, composer and educator. She is an alumnus of Berklee College of Music and Karol Szymanowski Music Academy in Katowice (Poland). She was shaping her talent under the guidance of Danilo Perez, the pianist of the Wayne Shorter Quartet. Aga performs around the world, runs workshops, teaches in the Danilo Perez foundation in Panama City encouraging her sudents to seizing their artistic freedom. She cooperated with Andree Hayward, Claudio Ragazzi, Louciana Souza, Patricia Zarate, Zbigniew Namysłowski, Jerzy Małek, Grzech Piotrowski, Andrzej Święs Sabina Meck.


Aga Derlak Trio has been created in 2012. The band coinsists of the bass player - Michał Kapczuk and Szymon Mader (drums). They recorded two original albums „First Thought” (2015) and „Healing” (2017). Trio is a laureate of numerous international jazz competitions (Jazz Juniors 2013, Krokus Jazz Festival, Czech Jazz Contest, Zilina Jazz Competition). The band has been inviting to the most prestiguous jazz festivals in the world, among others:


Generations in Jazz Festival - Jazz at lincoln Center, New York, 2019

Jazz in Ruins Festival, Poland 2019

Vertigo Sumer Jazz Festival, Poland 2019

Panama Jazz Festival, Panama 2019

Ankara Jazz Festival, Turkey 2018

Festival Kolory Polski, Poland 2018

Jazz’n’Chisinau Festival, Moldavia 2018

Festiwal Jazz Od Nowa, Poland 2018

Mandau Jazz Festival, Germany 2017

Palm Jazz Festival, Poland 2017

Edinburgh Jazz&Blues Festival, UK 2017

Nisville Jazz Festival, Serbia 2017

XJazz Festival Berlin, Germany 2017

Athens Technopolis Festival, Greece 2017

Lublin Jazz Festival, Poland 2017

Wielka Improwizacja - Wrocław NFM, Poland 2017

Jazz Jantar Festival, Poland 2017

European Jazz Conference Wrocław, Poland 2016

Festiwal Pianistólw Jazzowych w Kaliszu, Poland 2016

Silesian Jazz Festival, Poland 2016 Rzeszów Jazz Festival, Poland 2016

Orbita Jazzu, Poland 2016

Gala Fryderyk, Poland 2016

Hevhetia Festival Bratyslava, Slovakia 2015

Jazz Juniors, Poland 2015

Lotos Jazz Festival (Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa), Poland 2015

Hevhetia Festival Kosice, Slovakia 2014

Brno Jazz Festival, Czech Republic 2014

Jazz Autumn Vrchlabi, Czech Republic 2014