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Your Solo - Exploring Polish Jazz

About the project

     If you want to explore Polish Jazz Scene - follow this project on my IG, FB, YT or here in the tab "Explore Polish Jazz". Project Your Solo - Exploring Polish Jazz was created by me (Aga) at the beginning of the quarantine caused by Covid-19 epidemic, during a very weird time for artists. We've been dealing with a lack of concerts, lack of possibility to meet, make music together... But every frustration you can turn into something fruitful and creative. The culture has moved to the online space, not sure, if temporarily or for good to some extend, but out of a natural need of artists to perform, to share their work, to collaborate, we started posting videos, organizing online concerts etc. At the same time, I thought: is there a way so that I, through my creative and artistic activity, could promote not only myself but also other artists, and, at the same time, to bring people together, promote discussion, critical thinking, exploration, listening to good music, broadening one's perspective. I wanted to create a space where we can forget for a while about difficult reality caused by the epidemic, get away from it for a while, and discover new perspectives and pose a lot of crucial questions. And everything went great! And formally speaking: The aim of this project is an innovative, creative and interactive promotion of Polish jazz scene in Poland and abroad and encouraging social media users to open discussions about music and all aspects related to it, all subjects that music provokes us to discuss. Every week I was transcribing and presenting a 1) transcription performed by myself online of a selected Polish artist; I was posting videos along with all the 2) links to legal sources where we can buy or listen to the music of this particular artist, and finally: 3) the talks, which turned out to be the most inspiring element of this project. We were talking about unconventional topic, topic that usually are not raised during ordinary interviews. Those interviews were more like talks of two or more artists, exchanging their thoughts, views, worries, hopes. We were talking openly about fear, courage, trust, philosophy of music, psychology, identity, education, mission, about the traditional music, improvisational music. Our guests were instrumentalists, vocalists and even scientists.

Check out by yourself: Your Solo - Exploring Polish Jazz Presented artists: 1. Nikola Kołodziejczyk 2. Kamil Piotrowicz 3. Mateusz Pałka 4. Artur Tuźnik 5. Grzegorz Tarwid 6. Kajetan Borowski 7. Emilia Gołos 8. Łukasz Ojdana  I believe, that this is only the beginning of an intellectual space, where we can meet, discover together the unknown, ask questions, explore the reality through music which can be an inspiration, and a pretext to search for answers, a stimulus for exploration, broadening our mind, sharing good music, good literature and... the good.

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